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Article: What’s In A Chair?

What’s In A Chair?

What’s In A Chair?

Who doesn’t love a statement making chair? Our own Elisa Chambers of Snake River Interiors & Twenty Two Home tells us that the right chair has the visual ability to fully transform a space. At Twenty Two Home, we’ve recently added three new selections to our range of unique designs: the Moran Swivel, the Albright Chair, and the Hoback Shaker. These three beautiful designs each offer a sensibility and sophistication that comes with functionality. In essence, these are the true pillars of the entire Twenty Two Home Core Collection. We suggest to cozy up with one of these stylish seats — all you need is a great book and a soft throw!

We spent an afternoon chatting with Elisa to hear her thoughts on these gorgeous new additions to the Twenty Two Home's Signature 22 Collection.



22H: Tell me a little about each new chair. Why did you choose it and what makes it a special addition to the Signature 22 collection?

EC: The Albright, Moran Swivel, and Hoback Shaker Chairs are each very special additions to our core Twenty Two Home collection. In their own unique ways, they each become functional statement pieces that encourage living beautifully. Just for an example, think about the detailing on the exposed frames of the Albright and the Hoback designs. Their architectural features make them both truly unique, while they’re still incredibly comfortable. Personally, I love the Moran Swivel for its 360 degree rotation capabilities — this trait makes them perfect for transitional spaces and entertaining. You can really convert the layout of a room by having a chair that’s easily accessible to multiple angles. Imagine when you're entertaining and need to reconfigure the focus of a room, or the place where people are mingling. This chair allows you to easily do so. The Albright & The Hoback chairs are both very subtle statement chairs. They’re each super comfy, but the thoughtful structural elements of these designs really set them apart 

22H: How do these chairs fit in with the Twenty Two Home family of timeless, classic objects?

EC: The Moran is a slip covered chair, so you’re able to simply remove the top layer and wash the covering. This option makes it great for functionality and living beautifully. The other two chairs have a focus on the merging of comfort and style. All of the new fabrics coordinate very well, which makes it more simple to build a cohesive room. All of our Signature 22 fabrics are designed to coordinate, while building one great big color palate and scheme. I also love the fact that none of the chairs are super stuffy. Both kids and adults can find comfort in the designs.

22H: When you select new items to add to the Signature 22 collection, what are you looking for?

EC: We are looking for pieces that can really build and create stories within our clients’ homes. We always think about function first and ask ourselves questions such as: What type of activities will this particular style be conducive for, and which daily scenarios will this chair be living within? Is it livable itself? Is it comfortable? We like to select pieces that we know our clients can live with every single day and continue to love using for years to come. 

22H: How do you find these items?

EC: We are always on the hunt! This is part of the fun. We have three manufacturing partners that we visit multiple times each year so that we can perfect our selections, fabrics, and finishes. It’s not an easy task, but it’s certainly so much fun to seek out new items for our collections and for our clients.

22H: How do you know when an item is a great addition to the Twenty Two Home family?

EC: Our showroom in Jackson Hole is our true testing ground. We will often acquire Signature 22 pieces in that fly off the floor the same week that they arrive. That's a good feeling for us, because that’s how we know we have found a product or market fit that also provides classic objects of desire for our clients.

22H: When you’re designing a space, how do you choose the right chairs? What’s the design process like?

EC: Function is always first on my mind. I have to go through the checklist and ask myself what the overarching goal is within the design. Is this a space for lounging, or more of a transitional zone? Is it a space that’s meant for conversation and gathering, or is it a sanctuary for rest and relaxation? Certain chairs are made to match up with specific activities. For example, if the room is for lounging we’d choose a cozy upholstered chair with a deep seat. For conversation zones, a swivel is always conducive for engaging with friends and family. For transitional spaces, we always try to choose something that is lighter in weight, easy to move, and has less fussy upholstery. 

22H: Normally do you like to add a pop of color with chairs, or stay neutral? 

EC: We're big fans of neutrals, but we also love the idea of using texture! Just know that a neutral color palate doesn’t have to ever be boring. This summer we've added several blue hues that can create the perfect backdrop for rotating in changeable accessories with color and pattern. Texture (like our new pebble fabric on the Moran Swivel) adds depth to a space and also hides imperfections from wear and tear over time.

22H: When choosing chairs for a client project, how do you decide what’s the right fit?

EC: We always make sure our design clients sit in chair styles when possible! It sounds silly, but it’s a Goldilocks game for comfort and preference. We also consider factors like kiddos and pets when dealing with fabric selection choices.

22H: What do you love most about chairs and what they can do for a room?

EC: Personally I think they’re fun because they’re individual pieces, but when paired together chairs can start to create a bigger story within a room. They can become the backdrop for so many things that go on within a home. 

22H: What's in a chair?

EC: As a designer I believe that chairs are the foundation for living beautifully within our own spaces. Think about this! Without them, we’d have nowhere to sit for dinner, nowhere to drink afternoon cocktails, nowhere to read a good book, and nowhere for cuddles with the kids. At the end of the day, they’re ultimately an essential part of any home!

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