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About us

Born in the Mountains

We embrace context: Ours is Wyoming County 22, a wonderfully paradoxical mecca, rooted in rugged refinement and self-reliant sophistication. 

Thus inspired, we at Twenty Two Home empower a luxurious yet livable alpine lifestyle, simultaneously saucy and elegant, feisty and family-friendly. Embracing your complexity, we help make your home feel truly “you.”

Curiosity anchors our aesthetic. Whether piqued by an antique or enamored with a fresh find, we scour the globe for products rich with personality and history.

Perched on the historic Town Square in Jackson Hole, our design center features an enviable mix of furnishings, antiques, fine art, rugs and accessories. Each piece is hand-selected with your lifestyle in mind. Drawing on our decades of collective experience in JH and beyond, we help you curate an interior assemblage unique to you and your habitat—be it airy L.A. or clapboard East Coast. We believe your home should live as beautifully as it looks.

Designers by training, we stock goods typically available only within the trade. And now, our coveted inventory is available to peruse and purchase online. As this singular access suggests, Twenty Two Home offers a best-of-both-worlds design scenario: the customized curation of working with an interior design firm—an approach afforded by our sibling company, Snake River Interiors—set within an approachable context, where you do the discovering amid our hand-picked stock. No waiting for a custom orders to be fulfilled, no contracts or markups; Twenty Two Home gives you designer access without the designer excess. You do it yourself, at your own pace.