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Article: On Choosing Diamonds

On Choosing Diamonds

On Choosing Diamonds

Lola Brooks Dirty Diamond Sigent Ring

This December, we welcomed Lola Brooks to the Twenty Two Home Jewelry collection. Lola is obsessed with anything that sparkles, but especially diamonds. She is fascinated by their intrinsic properties such as hardness and ability to reflect light, the miraculous way that they come into being, the elemental forces that have to converge in exactly the right way for millions of years in order to make this very particular version of carbon what it is.

Our current obsessions: Lola's Cushion Cut Champagne Diamond Studs and Dirty Diamond Pendant Ring. As an ode to these special pieces, we're sharing a short piece by the artist herself.

on choosing diamonds, by Lola Brooks

I am most inspired by the character of a stone,

it’s mood 

whether it emits a shatter of sparks

or something darker and stormier

or even a bright, seemingly backlit mist...

I am drawn to the way a diamond can both 

reflect light out and draw it in 

and the strange and beautiful inclusions that pull me into its depths and mysteries.

as if it contains everything there is to know about the universe 

in one small sparkly bit.

And so, 

if the stone is to reveal its secrets

I view my job as a goldsmith

as one of stepping back

paring down 

and allowing that voice to be heard


of whether it is a poetic whisper 

or an operatic aria.

 -Lola Brooks

Cushion Cut Champagne Diamond Studs





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