Spring Edit

The days are longer. The sun is shining (hopefully). And after a long, snowy winter in Jackson Hole, we're welcoming the opportunity for a spring refresh. To guide us through this seasonal transition, we queried our founder, Elisa Chambers, for tips and tricks to edit and refresh for the spring season.

What spring swaps do you make in your interiors to transition a home from winter to spring? 

Elisa: Pillows are the easiest and the least expensive! If you can, roll up your rug and store it for the spring/summer. It instantly lightens a space and makes way easy cleanup from spring and summer mud. Swap your coverlets and bedding with the seasons. I remove heavier blankets and bring in linen for the warmer months. And of course, change out your throws from heavy wool to lighter fabrics.


I know you have a passion for flowers and plants. Can you speak to how your flower choices change with the season? 

Elisa: In the spring, I love to use flowering branches. It makes the spring come sooner...I promise.

You mentioned the placement of objects being a guiding principle to your approach to interiors. Any placement recommendations for people looking to declutter and organize come spring? 

 I love to use bowls, baskets and trays to organize and declutter. 


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