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Gabriel Tan
Aer Vase

Sale price$125.00

Designer Gabriel Tan’s appreciation of simplicity, sculptural beauty and functionality come together in the Aer Collection.

The rippled, asymmetrical silhouette of the Aer Vase is perfect for admiring from afar and exploring up close. Undulating in liquid-like waves, it was designed to resemble the spiralling movement of air seen through smoke or mist.

Tapering gently to its base, the smoke-colored glass has a tactile, almost ethereal quality, gently embracing a bouquet or adding sculptural appeal to a space as a standalone object. Each mouth-blown vase displays different visual characteristics that reflect its uniqueness.

  • Glass
  • Sizes: 19cm, 33cm, 49cm
  • One of a Kind
  • Please call 307-733-9922 for questions and availability


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