Signs of Spring: Blooming Branches

Flowering branches our one of our most treasured spring gifts. They're architectural, softly striking, and a harbinger of warm days to come. Parrot tulips, cherry blossoms in pink or white,'s hard to pick a favorite. 
To celebrate their annual arrival, we've assembled our best tips for prepping, forcing, and maintaining blossoming spring branches. 
1. Upon bringing branches home, smash woody ends with a hammer or cut in an 'x' pattern to allow for maximum water absorption.
2. Place the branches in water in a cool spot out of the direct sunlight. The blossoms will take several days to begin to open but will last longer when stored in a cool climate. 
3. If you need to speed the bloom time, place your container in a warmer spot to expedite the flower's opening.
4. When blossoms begin to open, place branches one at a time in a sturdy vessel, trimming ends to vary in height. Don't fuss over symmetry. Start with denser, heavier branches to create a base, then fill in with remaining trimmings and off-shoots. 
5. Refresh water every few days and enjoy for weeks to come.

Our Favorite Vessels:

Astier de Villate Astrakhan Vase


Astier de Villate Simple Vase Large (Platinum Exterior) 


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