Introducing Signature 22

There’s an ease to living beautifully, a confident cohesiveness that allows hectic life to happen within a calmly luxurious space. Cultivating such calm, we introduce Signature 22, our fresh approach to custom furniture. Attuned to you, we’ve distilled the noise of infinite choices into a harmonious collection tailored to your lifestyle.

We started by assembling a group of core silhouettes: a sling chair that screams chic ranch, a modern-meets-mountains bench. Then, we sourced a spectrum of fabrics—as attractive as they are tough. Now, we invite you to customize by mixing and matching. The delight of dress up without the stress of searching. Don shearling in one moment, leather in another, linen in a third. Have as much fun as we do every day as designers.

Augmenting this custom menu, we remain your guides on this bespoke adventure, ready and willing to advise whenever you need us. As designers, we feel that each piece of furniture you place inside your home should do more than fill a physical hole; it can serve as an expression of your best self in situ. We see Signature 22 as a series of invitations to interact more fully with your interior. With interactive modes in mind, we’ve grouped our collection into three batches—transition, engage, lounge—so that you can sift through and see what suits you and your space.  

Through Signature 22, we hope to empower you to live beautifully—with ease, with personality, with intention.



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