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Article: Hello, my name is...

Hello, my name is...

Hello, my name is...

Elisa Chambers, Owner of Twenty Two Home


Hello, we are Twenty Two Home.

Who are you?


We named ourselves after our home: the rugged wonderland of Jackson, Wyoming, where not even cowgirls get the blues. Here, we live inspired: by our surroundings, by our community, by our passions and pursuits. We love where we live and we want you to as well.

But for that connection to happen, you must feel completely at home. You must feel as though your space reflects you and your family. As designers, we consider projects successful when our clients take full ownership of the finished project (of course, because they do, but conceptually too). The biggest compliment we’ve ever received was a friend’s response to the final reveal: “I feel like I designed this house.” And indeed she had, with our help and expertise.

Design is a process of discovery and decisions, all dependent on a dynamic of trust and transparency. Hence introducing ourselves to you: We want you to feel like you know us as both people and professionals. In this forum, we will share our stories and our sources. We will profile our incredible team. We will tell you what we are coveting right now, and what we are planning. We will engage with you as we do our friends—casually, convivially. Because above all, design should be FUN. At Twenty Two Home, we want you to find the joy in assembling a world as layered as you. Design can feel serious sometimes, but not when we’re around. We make sure to balance both utility and beauty, play and sophistication.

A therapist by training, our guiding light—Elisa Chambers, owner and principal designer of Twenty Two Home and Snake River Interiors—keeps communication at the core of her practice. She listens and learns long before she puts any ideas on paper (or screen).

With honest dialogue in mind, we are making this blog a hub for ideas—ours and yours. So amid our musings, please share your thoughts: What are you swooning this season? Or what are you questioning? What do you want to see discussed more deeply? What tips would you like us to give? How can we help? How can we ensure you have as much fun creating your space as we do every day as designers?

We are Twenty Two Home, and we are thrilled to get to know you better through this blog.


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