Hide and Seek

“New year, new look” can set up unreal expectations of total transformation, when all you really need are one or two new pieces to make a room feel refreshed.

At Twenty Two Home, one of our go-to game changers is placing cowhide in new contexts: draped over a sofa, layered beneath a lounger, accenting a living area. Cowhides adapt to any space, no matter the style. Why do we love cowhides so? Let us count the ways:

1. Durable

When it comes to cowhide, forget your perceptions of fur. They are the opposite of high maintenance. In nature, they protect cows from cold, moisture and injury. The same is true for homes: they can handle muddy paw prints and clomping ski boots, making them perfect for entryways or mudrooms.

2. Versatile

No two cowhides are alike, so use them to play with pattern and palette. Brindles bring graphic inflection, while solid hides add tonality. Amid muted winter, we currently crave gris-gray and champagne. No matter the color, cowhides act as accents, defining a space with texture.

3. Adaptable

Awkward space? No problem. Cowhides come in a wide range of shapes and sizes—we focus on the medium (roughly 6' x 6') to extra large (6.5' - 7.5') range. And their organic silhouettes make them perfect for those odd layouts, round corners, tight nooks, etc.

4. Attainable

Cowhides are far less of an investment than most fine rugs. And yet, we do advise spending a bit more to ensure they are sourced from ethical, sustainable suppliers. Pricing is directly linked to quality and care.

5. Social

Cowhides can stand alone or socialize: layered atop each other or other rugs, cowhides create an interplay of texture and tone. The styling possibilities are endless: patchwork a large area or create a focal point within an open space. Light as a feather, cowhides can move at your whim, which means one hide can live many lives in your home.

Hide seek no more; our covetable collection of cowhides—available online and in store—meets your graphic needs.


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