Blankets Decoded

On choosing the perfect statement-making accessory for fall.

When temperatures begin to dip and the fall season comes around, there’s likely a particular item that we reach for time and time again—blankets. There’s nothing cozier than the perfect blanket or throw, that has the ability to make those chilly nights at home exceptionally more comforting. They’re also one of the easiest ways to add texture, color, or even an air of relaxed extravagance to a room. Not only does a blanket welcome you to get cozy, but it can also add such richness to any designed space or hidden corner.

Every home, and essentially almost every room, can benefit from a good throw. But there are many things to consider when deciding on the best one for your space. From solid hues, to minimalistic stripes and the softest of hand-crafted fabrics—the perfect blanket is guaranteed to heighten the level of luxury in your home’s favorite spaces. With the recent arrival of those crisp, cooler temperatures rolling in, we’re naturally thinking: bring out the blankets. As with everything in our Twenty Two Home collection, we work to thoughtfully curate a selection of brands that pride themselves on conscious, livable luxury. We’ve searched diligently for the most exceptionally well-made, handcrafted blankets and throws to make your spaces feel fall and winter-ready. From statement-making baby alpaca to luxurious cashmere, we’ve come up with a few of this season’s coziest fabric choices for throws and blankets that are sure to add a little luxury to your home.


Baby Alpaca:

Alpaca is unarguably one of the world’s most luxurious fibers, and it’s considered such a jewel amid today’s synthetic fibers and harsh materials that are often used in housewares. Woven from the fibers that are found on the belly of baby alpacas, this fabric’s consistency is naturally a finer gauge and weave. This highly unique fleece is harvest from one of the rarest species on Earth, with only three million alpacas worldwide. As a principle textile of the Incas for thousands of years, alpaca wool is known as the “gold of the Andes” and has always been tremendously sought after for its fineness, durability, and lightweight qualities. To the touch, baby alpaca feels extremely soft and luxurious, almost like touching a puffy cloud. While baby alpaca is similar to cashmere, this natural fiber is stronger in weave and much more durable. The internal fibers of alpaca are hollow and surrounded by an insulating core that makes them both warm and breathable. Alpaca serves as a natural thermostat by using these microscopic air pockets to trap body heat in cooler temperatures and release heat in warmer weather. As such, this fabric doesn’t pill and contains no lanolin, so it’s therefore also hypoallergenic. Throws and blankets made of this gorgeous material are such soft, statement-making pieces. Our Cable Knit Baby Alpaca Throw is 100% baby alpaca with a beautiful multi-rib knit stitching and additional twisting cable details that feature a neutral palette to coordinates perfectly within almost any space. We’re confident that you’ll want to stay wrapped up in it all day!



Handcrafted in Italy, Alonpi is the true nirvana of cashmere. This luxurious Italian cashmere fabric is designed using the long, soft fibers that are tightly woven to resist pilling, resulting in the best-made throw. The word Alonpi has become synonymous with excellence in all stages of the cashmere production—from the yarn weaving all the way to the finished product. Founded in Biella, known today as the capital of cashmere, the reputation of this Italian house has led them to produce the fabric for some of the world’s most prestigious brands. With a dedication and passion for creating the best cashmere, Alonpi is unwavering in their use of only the highest quality Mongolian fibers. The painstaking process involves many procedures, and every blanket and throw that they create is a true testimony of their technical expertise and craftsmanship. Each step takes careful precision—from the color dyeing of the precious Mongolian Cashmere fibers all the way through to the finishing touches. We recommend Alonpi for its showcase of the mastery in craft of such skilled Italian artisans. Buttery and smooth to the touch, Alonpi cashmere also has a heaviness in the weight of its weave that gives these blankets a bit of heft and substance, while also feeling feather-light. In terms of livable, comfortable luxury, you’re never going to want to put this blanket down!


Wool / Linen Blend: 

A wool and linen blend creates a blanket that’s extremely durable and exceptionally useful for everyday living. Coarser in feel than the alpaca or cashmere, this blanket is perfect as an accessory for children’s rooms or other spaces that require more durability. With wools, there are a few varieties used that create small differences in the finished product. Virgin wool is the fiber that comes from a lamb’s very first sheering, or wool that has never been processed. Named after a specific breed of sheep, Merino Wool is much finer and not as bulky as most other varieties of wool. With its breathability, it’s able to better regulate body heat and can trap air, just as it does for the animals that it insulates. When mixed with linen to form a fabric blend, these two fibers create a product that’s exceptionally sustainable and can be used daily. As one of the oldest textile fibers in the world, flax dates back 5000 years to the times of Ancient Egypt. Since arriving in Western Europe, it’s remained present because the plant grows best in the climate found there. The longer and stronger the fiber, the better quality of the linen, and more than 75% of linen found in all the world comes from this region and in particular France, Belgium, or the Netherlands. Each blanket is crafted with great care and woven with 100% Belgium linen that consists only of European flax fibers. And this exceptionally special blend of wool and linen creates a must-have throw for any collection—it’s the perfect accessory for those upcoming fall and winter outdoor activities. We absolutely love this type of throw for its mix of beauty and usability. Pack it in the car, take it on a long hike, or use it for an outdoor picnic. It’s the perfect accessory for all of life’s best adventures.


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